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Visual Arts

Purple Portrait

By 22 December, 2019February 7th, 2021No Comments

22 December, 2019. Red Deer County, AB.

A family portrait. Indian inks, a terrible purple marker, and coloured pencil on 11×14” bristol. The purple marker was nearly the death of  me… It smudged incredibly easy so I tried to cover it up with all sorts of things, including acrylic white paint, to white gouache, to a terrible swirly design that tried to incorporate  the smudges, then finally ending on tracing the window outline by taping the drawing to a window (using rubber gloves) and then cutting out a clean white bristol stencil and carefully using double-sided tape to keep it in exact place. It was a loooot of work where I was sure it would go poorly at any second and ruin the piece. Luckily it didn’t! And the window outline, since it’s raised a little, sort of acts as a ‘hug’ on the family, which I really like!