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Lunchbox/Making Treaty 7 – Interviews for ‘Snowblind’ (2)

By 14 February, 2020August 16th, 2022No Comments

14 February, 2020. Calgary, AB.

All the thanks to the wonderful Lunchbox Theatre & Making Treaty 7 team who gave me oodles of trust and free reign to put this together! (These have been formatted to fit Instagram best.)

Shot on an Olympus OM-D EM5 MII in Lunchbox’s theatre space. I wasn’t totally sure what I was getting brought into at the time or what the parameters of my role were, but I ended up getting to ask the interview questions as well as capture audio (which I’m lucky I brought a recorder for — I’m actually just below frame in every shot holding the Tascam DR-05 as steadily and close as possible. It wasn’t ideal, but I got GREAT audio quality out of it and a very tired, shaky arm. Starting the videos with a whip-pan excited me, so I grabbed many shots of the Calgary tower as well as a few at the main doors of Lunchbox’s space which I did edit together, but eventually settled on whipping to a graphic instead to cut down on the intro’s time. I kinda just invited myself into their rehearsals and explored the surrounding streets and theatre space to grab B-roll to play with later. Edited together and colour-graded in Adobe Premiere — really happy with the sharpness and non-blocky blacks of the background. Creating the intro and musical cues for these videos proved to be a fun challenge. I noodled around on an acoustic guitar until something felt snappy, folky, and a little sassy, without too much musical resolution.

Go support these phenomenal local artists and see SNOWBLIND.

“I may go in circles in my brain, but I was always real good at directions.”

Part of OLD MAN: THE NAPI PROJECT, a co-operative Artist in Residence program with Making Treaty 7, we are pleased to welcome the World Premiere of SNOWBLIND, written and performed by Tiffany Thomas, to the Lunchbox stage.

Inspired by the Blackfoot story Napi and the Compassionate Woman, SNOWBLIND uses traditional storytelling, poetry, song and dance to explore the impact of Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder (FASD) on the Indigenous community. Told with humour and heartbreak through the memories of three characters, SNOWBLIND uncovers how our choices, our mistakes, and our history can lead us to understanding.