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Visual Arts

Slothst in Space (18 pg. comic)

By 30 December, 2020February 7th, 2021No Comments

30 December, 2020. Calgary, AB.

Viewable in PDF form here: Slothst in Space (9.62MB).

A Christmas gift for my roommate, who loves sloths, that I poured way too much manic energy into. It’s a hardcover book made from scraps of an edamame box, gaff tape, double-sided artists tape, hotglue, and card stock. It’s really solid! Pages are heavy cardstock just in case I settled on a medium which would bleed through (it was also all I had). White charcoal and colour pencil-crayons make up the drawings. I found that layering on a deeper black around the drawings to make the characters pop worked out really well. Though my hand is very tired. Started writing with sticky notes and sticking them to the back of my door, then to a google doc in which I roughly planned out frames, described the action, and wrote some narration lines. You can check out my detailed document process in this PDF: Slothst in Space (process) (75 KB).