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By 23 May, 2021May 25th, 2021No Comments

23 May, 2021. Calgary, AB.

So this drawing has a story!

I was BIT on my *back* by this kid I was at the playground with, in Spruce View, when I was little. My brother chased him away. I remember little things surrounding the time but not reallly the actual bite. Pretty sure the fucker’s name was Mitchell but that’s just a guess. As far as I know, the same kid I was kinda friends with who dug with his fingers through the community hall’s outdoor bottomless ashtray to find cigarette butts he would puff on, pretending to smoke, offering them to my cousin and me. This kid who invited himself over to my grandma’s place once (without her permission) through me, and I felt distinctly used and upset, even at that young age. Not that tiny me had much of a spine anyways, but he scared me and was also a friend?? Anyways, I really don’t hate the kid, I hope he’s living just as chaotic (but less toxic) life now (minus the biting backs part). Though, it is fun to have a NEMESIS.

AND SO, I tell this story because…

I’ve also had nightmares/sleep-paralysis since as long as I can remember where I get bitten on my back, or clawed open by people, family members, zombies, werewolves, bears, coyotes… Just last night it was a zombie *sloth* of all things, and I burst out of bed, grabbing my back. A touch on my back has, for as long as I can remember, freaked me out (especially if I’m unprepared) and sends a very sharp, specific, confusing feeling which I haven’t been able to ever identify, and soooooo all this to say…

I THINK I KNOW WHY NOW??? *casts dramatic hard stare towards Mitchell, somewhere off in the distance*

(Pencil crayons, white grease pencil, white eyeliner, & digital)