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By 2 July, 2021July 3rd, 2021No Comments

02 July, 2021. Calgary, AB.

Music: ‘Making Bread’ by Michele Nobler.

After a terrible and historic heatwave, the rain was so nice. This is a calm video I made that upsets me to watch. The air felt off in the city today. All these buildings and cars at the expense of so much. A giant fuck you to the City of Calgary (and Canada) for proceeding with fireworks the night before, not only amidst the discovery of unmarked residential school burial sites being found, confirming what Indigenous communities have long been saying, but then completely dismissing any calls to cancel the event, AND also during the terrifying wildfires in Lytton and Kamloops, BC. Firing explosives into the air, making the city smell of smoke, startling/killing animals, setting off PTSD responses in people, and wildly disrespecting Indigenous communities and laughing in the face of their trauma, is straight up an abusive show of power that is such a disregard of humanity on so many levels. It’s disgusting. Happy July 2nd I guess.