Kat Armstrong


Calgary-based Artist / Actor / Video Editor

Welcome to my portfolio! Here on Storyloaf is nearly every finished (or mostly finished) creative project of mine, dating back to 2012 — this may have been an ill-advised thing to put on the internet, but, personally, it’s been an incredibly helpful lens through which I have been able to learn from/organize projects and memories, which, otherwise, I have a difficult time doing. Please, explore!


DRAMA BACHELOR OF FINE ARTS/20/In progress [University of Calgary]


VISUAL ARTS DIPLOMA/14/15/16 [International Baccalaureate]


DIGITAL DRAMA CAMPS/20 [Quest Theatre]

SALT-WATER MOON/20 [Creating Genesis Theatre]

SNOWBLIND/20 [Lunchbox Theatre & Making Treaty 7 Cultural Society]

THE BOY FROM OZ/19 [Front Row Centre Players Society]

KOHKUM & ME/19 [The Rest of Us Theatre Co.]

MACBETH/19 [Prime Stock Theatre]

HENRY V/18 [Prime Stock Theatre]

ROMEO & JULIET/18 [Prime Stock Theatre]

ANTONY & CLEOPATRA/17 [Prime Stock Theatre]

SPRING GARDEN ROAD/17 [Lindsay Thurber High School]

PHILIP GLASS BUYS A LOAF OF BREAD/17 [Lindsay Thurber High School]

THE BOX/17 [Lindsay Thurber High School]

THE PUPPET-MASTER/16 [Lindsay Thurber High School]