rew armstrong


Kohkum & Me bio:
Coming from a multi-disciplinary background in acting, gymnastics, and an International Baccalaureate and Sheridan College visual arts education, I’m interested in making/helping others make work that stems from the combination of traditional, DIY, and digital tools, environmental textures, recurring motifs, personal specificity, and empathy. Being the Sound and Marketing Material Designer for Kohkum & me has challenged me to grow in all of these areas and more, and has been an intensely rewarding experience, which I feel truly blessed to be a part of. I hope you enjoy our team’s work!

In general, I enjoy trying to making things! That usually that entails: acting, drawing, painting, sculpting, photography, videography, piano, and writing. On this site, I try to share as much process work as possible, and there's also several years worth of quite old projects which show growth in interesting ways.

I have a fascination in people and stories of all kinds and mediums, and I find that the theatre and creative arts environment is the perfect place for me, both professionally and personally. I thrive when working with others, and I have numerous teamwork-oriented passions; best exemplified in my extensive work with children in swimming lessons and day camps, my volunteer work with recovering hospital patients with orthopaedic, neurological, and post-traumatic conditions, and, of course, in the intensive, team-reliant performances and productions of live theatre. I always aspire to stay in motion of bettering myself and hope to be someone who continues to be open to learning from all, so that I may be better equipped towards creating opportunities that will develop my personal, educational, and creative capabilities and understandings. I have the specific goal of enrolling next year in Rosebud School of the Arts’ Theatre Foundations Programme.

Shoot me an email at for commission inquiries, casting, jobs, and more!

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