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02 July, 2021. Calgary, AB. Music: 'Making Bread' by Michele Nobler. After a terrible and historic heatwave, the rain was so nice. This is a calm video I made that…

So I made this today

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04 June, 2021. Calgary, AB. (sound on) I'm sorry. Smeagol is (Brad Pitt) is Free.

UCalgary – PUNCH UP Video Essay

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14 April, 2021. Calgary, AB. A group project covering Kat Sandler's play: PUNCH UP. Includes a performed excerpt of pages 30-32. Created and performed in Moh’kinsstis, Treaty 7 Territory.

You Found a Wild Bernie Sanders in a Dusty Bookshelf❗️

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22 March, 2021. Calgary, AB. This is what I do instead of two impending homework assignments. Crocheted by the wonderful @raynah.bourne, pattern by @tobeytimecrochet (insta)


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07 February, 2021. Calgary, AB.

UCalgary – ‘Sea Goats’

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10 Dec, 2020. Calgary, AB. *VIDEO IS CURRENTLY BROKEN, working to fix* Just the end of the *very long* video. Stay for the Enya baybeeeee. A devised, pretty rushed together…

🔁 Quest Theatre – Air Band Music Video

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15 July, 2020. Calgary, AB. Some more editing (+ animation and dancing) I've done for Quest!

🔁 Quest Theatre – Digital Drama Camps Video

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06 July, 2020. Calgary, AB. A video I've created for Quest Theatre!

Pronoun Button

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13 May, 2020. Calgary, AB. Animated in Procreate. The amount of support for this has been incredible.

Songs From Above and Under the Salt-Water Moon

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13 March, 2020. Calgary, AB. Used as a soundtrack in Creating Genesis Theatre's production of Salt-Water Moon, showing from March 13-15 at the Motel Theatre, Arts Commons! Inspired by Salt-Water…

Lunchbox/Making Treaty 7 – Animated Trailer for ‘Snowblind’

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24 February, 2020. Calgary, AB. Based off of SNOWBLIND by Tiffany Thomas. Sound, illustrations, and animation by me. A REALLY exciting project. I initially shot some slow-ish motion 60 FPS…

Lunchbox/Making Treaty 7 – Interviews for ‘Snowblind’ (2)

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14 February, 2020. Calgary, AB. ⚡ All the thanks to the wonderful Lunchbox Theatre & Making Treaty 7 team who gave me oodles of trust and free reign to put…

Kohkum & Me – Weesageechak Begins to Dance 32 (10)

| Photo, Theatre, Video | No Comments   17 November, 2019. Toronto, ON. Some snippets of our wonderful time work-shopping and showcasing the piece at Native Earth Performing Arts' Weesageechak 32 in the Aki studio. From…

Kohkum & Me – Fire Moon

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29 May, 2019. Drumheller, AB. A street recording of Fire Moon.

Kohkum & Me – Poster & Tickets

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04 April, 2019. Oakville, ON. So this play by my dear friend, Tiffany Thomas, is AWE-INSPIRING and I'm somehow lucky enough to be helping her out with poster and sound…

Flipping Face

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25 February, 2019. Oakville, ON. Second image is a gif (epilepsy warning, it's very flashy). Cheekbones for days.

Easy as ABC – Short Film

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4 February, 2019. Oakville, ON. Headphones strongly recommended! A project in which I got to have a lot of fun, whilst running around at night during the GTA's cold-snap. Contains…

‘Flip-Book’ Animated Typography

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11 December, 2018. Oakville, ON. Some flip-book style animation. Image is a looping 'gif' version.

Realistic & Abstracted-Form Sculpture

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8 December, 2018. Oakville, ON. A 3D Design project that I really enjoyed. Found the wood chunk in a forest.

B&W Shots/GIF (4)

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28 March, 2018. Red Deer, AB. Experimenting.

Concept ELA Project Drawings

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27 February, 2017. Red Deer, AB. Some quick digital concept drawings for an ELA creative project. My brother and his kid generously posed for reference photos. Eventually abandoned the project.

Vector Animation

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January, 2017. Red Deer, AB. One of my first tries at animation, in high school. A short film about supporting other's ideas. The majority of the project was rushed together…

Survival Advice

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August, 2016. Allstones Lake, AB. An (amazing) little video taken during a family hiking trip to Allstones Lake, AB. Keelan, killing it on the camera like a camera op from…

Old Phone App Animations

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8 August, 2014. Red Deer, AB. REEEALLY OLD stuff! Learning to animate for the first time, using my phone. For your viewing pleasure. They're quite disturbing and violent, actually...